PhD students

PhD students

Moritz Wagner

I am interested in the effects of demographic changes on infectious disease dynamics as well as the impact of vaccination. Currently my focus is on Rotavirus and on understanding how assumptions around different mechanisms of natural and vaccine induced immunity interact with demographic changes. My supervisors are Mark Jit, Sebastian Funk and Katherine Atkins.

Naomi Walker

My Phd uses modelling tehcniques to assess the interaction between respiratory viruses, specifically RSV and Influenza. I am developing/testing modelling methods to determine the extent of any cross-protection, with the aim to evaluate the interaction of the viruses and investigate in what ways vaccines may alter the ecology of these viruses.

James Munday

I am a PhD student in Mathematical Epidemiology at LSHTM interested in the relationship between vaccination and health equity. My research uses infectious disease transmission models to study the interaction between vaccination and inequalities in disease. My particular focus concerns how variation in community level contact networks, segregation, susceptibility and vaccine uptake may influence these dynamics.

I am supervised by Albert-Jan VanHoek and Katie Atkins and my funding comes from the National Institute of Health Research as part of the Health Protection Research Unit in Immunisation.

Diana Mendes
David Hodgson

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